A Transformation like that of ssj and evil ssj, But A lot different.

Raging SSJ Causes the user to increase in power 50x that of SSJ5 but also causes the user to go berserk, Their first target usually is the one they were fighting. It is possible to get control of this form, Which is called Calmed Raging SSJ, Which allows better control of the form, Fully mastered it is called True Raging SSJ

Changes to Appearance Edit

The User's eyes turn completely white, Their Hair Turns Dark Red, The Aura becomes a Red Aura with Red Lightning, Hair also takes shape of SSJ4. Calmed Raging SSJ Causes the hair color to become a brighter red color, and the Aura changes from a Red Aura to a Black Aura. True Raging SSJ Causes no changes to the hair, But the Aura becomes white and the lightning becomes Black..

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