Mikatakuzu...A young dragonborn capable of powerful attacks beyond that of His brother natsu dragneel,

Stats Edit

Immense Speed Edit

Mikatakuzu is capable of moving at blinding speeds, using dragonforce or even higher levels of dragonforce increases his speed allowing him to move so fast that he can attack unseen by the opponent

Heavily-Enhanced Reflexes Edit

Mikatakuzu's incredible speed also allows him to dodge even the most hard to dodge attack.

Immense Strength Edit

Mikatakuzu's Strength allows him to smash mountains and cause giant shockwaves that would send his opponents flying, with dragonforce he could destroy mountains in the blink of an eye

Powerful Durability Edit

Mikatakuzu's unimaginable durability allows him to take powerful assaults that would kill a human dragonslayer in a single blow Unscathed.

Dragonblood Regen. Edit

Mikatakuzu's blood allows him to regen missing parts of his body quickly allowing him to take even killing blows and survive.

 ??? Magic Power. Edit

Mikatakuzu's Magic Power is so high that Even Zeref's black magic couldn't harm him, it also caused his enemies' "gravity" to increase like bluenote's magic.

Equipment Edit

Fenrir Edit

A Legendary Sword that was sealed away due to its power, many have tried to get it but failed and came back with nothing, Mikatakuzu tried to go and get this sword, and the sword responded to Mikatakuzu's willpower and He obtained the sword.

Metal Hand Edit

When Mikatakuzu was a young boy(Age 8) A Mysterious man attacked him and Mikatakuzu got away but his hand was cut off, Mikatakuzu couldn't regen his hand back, so it was replaced by a metal hand.

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