Leon Dragneel Childhood Edit

I was born on the year 2000, Decemeber 16. I was the younger Step-brother of Elking Dragneel, But i was also the brother of Kyuuba Dragneel who died in 2013. He was a nice kid. When Negative Alatinians Struck he almost killed my mother but i protected her but failed to protect my brother from that day i made a vow to never let Elking Die either. After that i trained as it were my last day , I graduted from the DragonSlaying arts acadmey at 11. I am currently 14 years old. i have a scar on my eye from when the Negatives attacked.

Leon Dragneel's Attributes Edit

Str: High

Stamina: High

Agi: High

Def: High

Int: Normal

Spirit: Normal.

Leon Dragneel's Personallity Edit

Serious, Cautious , Protectful

Arcs Edit

Negative Arc: Edit

It was one scary night when the Negative Alatinians struck, Every swordsman, spellcaster etc. try to defeat them. But during that night one Kid, in one House changed everything. When the Negatives attacked, He Tried to stop them He protected his mother and father but failed to protect his brother, when he heard his brother scream, He became blind with rage, and Destroyed alot of the Negatives and when saw his brother dead, he was seriously Even more blind with rage, destroying all of these Negatives back and forth His name was Leon Dragneel and his brother was Kyuuba Dragneel.

The Will Of The Dragon Arc: Edit


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