The Name of this character is Aaron currently.

The classes are

Base Job - Wizard Edit

Combos Edit


Aaron hits his enemy with his fist twice then hits with his staff once and knocks em down the 2nd staff strike

XXX Edit

Aaron shoots two fireballs then smashes his enemies down with a flaming fist.


Aaron does the normal zz combo but adds an explosion at the end that launches enemies

Level 1 Skills Edit

Rolling Fireball Edit

Aaron shoots a fireball that spins for 1 second and then explodes launching the enemy.

Magic Knowledge(Passive) Edit

This passive increases magical and physical damage of Aaron's attacks by 100 damage then 30 damage each level

Level 5 Skills Edit

Explosive Launcher Edit

Aaron first hits the enemy with his fist and then launches them with an exploding fireball.

Lifesteal Edit

Aaron's attacks cause lifesteal, first lifesteal chances start out at 5% then increases by 0.5 each level.

ERROR, More to be added later. Edit

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