Elking sieghart is one of anti-vandalizer's rp characters

Elking sieghart's father name is unknown

and so is his mother's after she went missing

his brother's name is Leon

he looks like he does in the picture.


Dreamland Arc Edit

Elking wakes up into a place called dreamland and as him and his friends and his sister enter dreamland they encounter elking's old enemy and then elking takes a long journey to find a way to defeat nightmare and then they defeat nightmare and save dreamland.

Dyrrantus Arc Edit

5 months later after the last arc, 13 year old elking enters a world called dyrrantus, which seems to be from a game known as ssb, ssbm, and ssbb. and then a bunch of stuff happens and they stop the enemy and win the war.

Training Arc Edit

Elking and his father go on a long training journey for 3 years

then during the training they get attacked by some dudes and they defeat them and then after 3 years they return home to only a month later after their return their home gets attacked by the same organization that attacked them and they defeat most of the enemies and elking's father fights the organization leader

Organization Arc Edit

Elking's father fights the organization leader and defeats him and then the arc ends.

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